Male Mountain Goblin Warlock


Have you ever felt that feeling of being watched? Like a greater being existing in the Void Beyond? Like some tentacle-laced behemoth was ready to open it’s expansive maw, and to swallow you whole like a fat guy eating the last mini corndog? Fortunately, you mortals have one less Great Old One to worry about in your pathetic lives, all because of one lone goblin.

The Great Old One Cyäegha once slumbered under a mountain, until one fateful night, when a group of adventurers following a Priest of The Many Handed slaughtered the Cult of the Dark Hill, performing the monthly ritual that both appeased, and sealed The Destroying Eye. Being both freed, and vengeful that The Waiting Dark’s cult had not appeased It’s will, Cyäegha had to find a vessel to gather It’s power so that it may envelop this plane in Its devouring shadows. Cyäegha’s eye spotted a lone mountain goblin, sitting on the ruins of the Hill that was once Its prison. A simple creature such as that, would have been no match for possession, if not for the fact that the simple little goblin was very, very, stupid.


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