Beasts of Eolvir

Beasts are the “normal” creatures of Eolvir; they lack any noticeable magical abilities, and are fairly mundane in form and function. Please note, however, that unless otherwise stated, Eolvir does not possess “Earthly” creatures, including Horses and Cattle – the role of Cattle is supplanted by the bovine Tu’Gara, while Horses are not well-represented in setting – the closest would be the flighty Yakul of the Golden Banner.

Each creature is listed with a number next to its name – this is the page of the Monster Manual its statblock can be found on. Some creatures have unique Statblocks, which will be listed with the creature. Almost all Beasts are viable forms for Druids; those that are not are marked with an " * " after their name.

Ankheg (21): Found in the Barrier Mountains and the Golden Banner, Ankhegs are Large centipedes with powerful jaws that secrete acid, which they use to burrow through rock and earth.

Blightfang (327): Found in the Emerald Crescent, Blightfangs are Medium Poisonous Snakes. Crescent Hissiin often collect Blightfang poison for use with weaponry and traps. See “Giant Poisonous Snake.”

Bloodhawk (319): Found in the Arborlands, the Bloodhawk is a bird of prey named for its striking red feathers. Often tamed by Humans as a hunting companion for small game, like Skritters.

Burbar (284*): Found in the Barrier Mountains. A furry insect the size of a softball, Burbars live off of the blood of other creatures. See “Stirge,” add Echolocation and Blindsight.

Choker (317): Found in the Emerald Crescent, Chokers are a type of primate that is known for strangling its prey. They often travel in large troupes, and are a menace for those travelling the jungle. See “Ape.”

Deathcoil (324): A Huge Serpent found in the Emerald Crescent, the Deathcoil is sometimes worshiped by primitive Kuo-Toa and Bullywug tribes. See “Giant Constrictor Snake.”

Faerie Swarm (338): Faeries are native to the Arborlands, where they live in colonies that avoid contact with larger creatures. However, when roused, Faeries often from swarms of razor-sharp teeth, claws, and wings. See “Swarm of Poisonous Snakes,” add Flight.

Fire Beetle (325): A species of insect native the the Golden Banner, Fire Beetles can naturally spit a substance that ignites upon contact with air. See “Giant Fire Beetle.”

Gargant (322): Huge herbivores hailing from the Emerald Crescent, Gargants walk on their knuckles like a gorilla, but have squarish snouts and a pair of large, flattened tusks jutting from their large mouths.

Griffon (174): A magnificent blend of Bloodhawk and Tavar, Griffons make their nests in the rocky crags of the Barrier Mountains. Elves often use them as mounts.

Herdbane (317): Arborlands. A large flightless bird. Usually solitary, but sometimes hunt in pairs or groups of three.
Knar (321): Arborlands, Sundered Plains, Domestic. A large canine with a humped back and furless, skeletal head.
Kuraz (319): Barrier, Domestic. A furry, mountainous relative of the Tu’Gara, often used as a source of meat, milk, and wool, as well as as a pack animal.
Natdiga (329): Barrier. A huge species of Lizard, with a long, sticky tongue, and the ability to swallow creatures as large as itself.
Ooze (241-43): Barrier, Sundered Plains. One of the few species able to live in the harsh landscape of the Sundered Plains.
Owlbear (249): Arborlands. A massive predator with a birdlike head and a furry, bestial body.
Pseudodragon (308): Usually found in the Sundered Plains, these flying reptiles bear a resemblance to Dragons and Wyverns, and are relatives of the northern Faerie Dragon.
Rust Monster (262): Barrier. A species of insectoid that eats a large variety of minerals, especially Iron. Has been domesticated by Dwarves to help find ores in their tunnels.
Skritter (335): Arborlands, Sundered Plains. A small, climbing rodent that often lives in trees or burrows underground.
Snapshell (324): Arborlands, Banner, Crescent. A categorical term for a variety of large, aggressive turtles and tortoises that can be found in a variety of environs.
Tangler Beetle (325*): Barrier, Arborlands. A large beetle that emits a sticky, sweet-smelling substance. This and the larvae’s slime is used in a variety of dwarven foods and liquors.
Tavar (330*): Arborlands, Sundered Plains. A climbing, stalking predator, with an elongated body and vicious claws.
Thanadent (336):
Tu’Gara (336):
Yakul (336):
Yeti (305):

Beasts of Eolvir

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