Constructs of Eolvir

Constructs are not “creatures” in the normal sense – they are not of natural origin, and many are not even alive in the traditional sense. The vast majority of Constructs are the result of magical meddling, often to make powerful guardians, like Golems, or unquestioning servants, like the Homonculus.

Druids cannot Wildshape into Constructs, because they are not living creatures.

Blight (32): Blights are plant-like abominations, leftover creations of the Elves that were used against their enemies in ancient times. Over time, the Blight has managed to become its own type of parasitic organism, feeding off of healthy plants in the Arborlands to grow and propagate its own kind.

Gargoyle (140): Gargoyles are a guardians created by imprisoning a particularly violent Earth Elemental into a statue, and are usually found guarding scholarly institutions and, in some cases, temples, as well as ruins.

Golem (168-70): Golems are animated sculptures made of a variety of materials (usually clay, metal, or stone), and are often made for automated tasks and defense by mages. Flesh Golems are sometimes created by the truly depraved masters of magic.

Helmed Horror (183): The Helmed Horror is similar to the Golem and the Gargoyle – a suit of armor that has been used to house the Animus of a sentient being. While not technically necromancy, as it uses only the base life functions of the creature and not its Soul, Helmed Horrors are seen as distasteful by most spellcasters, regardless.

Homunculus (188): The Homonculus is a tiny creation, similar to a golem in a miniature scale. They are used for tasks that their larger golem cousins would be inefficient at performing, and sometimes as Familiars. When using a Homunculus as a Familiar, you double your Proficiency Bonus when making Wisdom (Perception) checks, and can cast the “Alarm” cantrip.

Mimic (220): Mimics are a sort of magically-altered Ooze, capable of assuming the form of an inanimate object – often a chest, but they can also take the shape of various other types of furniture, anything to lure unsuspecting adventurers into their waiting maw.

Constructs of Eolvir

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