Elementals of Eolvir

Elementals are arguably the most powerful creatures on Eolvir, at least in general – while there are a number of “lesser” elementals that possess little power, it is true that Elementals often represent core concepts of the entire Material Plane, making them almost impossible to truly destroy, and also impossibly powerful. Dragons and Giants are some of the most powerful Elementals known to Eolvir.

Some Druids are capable of wildshaping into Elementals, but many are too powerful for a mere mortal to have any hope of assuming their form. For those that are possible, a " (D) " will be added to the end of their name.

Dragon: Dragons are primordial entities on Eolvir, tied to the catastrophic cycles of nature. Dragons are born from disasters – wildfires, volcanic eruptions, hurricances, and powerful storms all have the ability of birthing a Dragon. Thankfully for the people of Eolvir, these creatures rarely concern themselves with mortal creatures, preferring instead to immerse themselves in their birthing element – but woe to those who draw the attention of these engines of destruction.

Elemental (D): A catch-all term for the lesser spirits wandering Eolvir, these “Minor Elementals” make up the bulk of the elemental population, often embodying minor concepts – every campfire, stream, gust of wind, and boulder has an Elemental behind the scenes.

Faerie Dragon (D, 133): Faerie Dragons are small, colorful spirits native to the Arborlands and other wooded areas. Child-like and mischievous, travelers sometimes appease these elementals with offerings of sweet foodstuffs and shiny baubles.

Galeb Duhr (D, 139): Living boulders with abnormal intelligence for an Elemental. Often found guarding sacred druidic sites or sometimes in small colonies in the Barrier Mountains.

Giant (D, 149-56): Second only to Dragons in raw power, Giants are usually peaceful, solitary elementals, often embodying particularly large or impressive natural features – it is said, for example, that each peak of the Barrier Mountains has a Stone Giant guardian, and that the hills of the Sundered Plains are still wandered by Hill Giants and the Cyclops (D, 45).

Glenoril (D): Huge, stag-like creatures with long graceful tails, Glenoril are guardians of the forests, filled with vast knowledge and powerful druidic magics.

Magmin (D, 212): A type of fire elemental found around volcanoes, and often deep beneath the earth. Chaotic and mischievous by nature, Magmin are sometimes known as “Children of the Flames.”

Mephit (D, 215-17): Capricious, imp-like creatures, Mephits are one of the few types of Elementals known that could be classified as “Evil,” for they often take pleasure in the misfortune of the mortal races, though they rarely cause direct harm.

Salamander (D, 265-66): Salamanders are Fire Elementals, usually born from wildfires and other wood-based conflagrations. Their sole purpose in life is to spread the flames that birthed them.

Treant (289): Towering humanoid trees and plants, usually found in the Arborlands, but sometimes in the Emerald Crescent, Treants are generally calm, friendly beings. Some Treants sleep for centuries, allowing smaller elementals to find refuge under their vast boughs.

Water Weird (D, 299): A type of Water Elemental that has been charged with protecting a specific body of water, such as a stream or lake. Generally calm and placid, they are known to suddenly become violent if their protected place becomes threatened.

Wisp: Wisps are tiny motes of their element, usually no bigger than a candleflame, that can be found throughout Eolvir. They are barely sentient, and some Druids argue that they are not even Elementals, but rather floating magical phenomena. Either way, they are often attracted to fonts of Druidic magic, meaning most Druids and more powerful elementals are often surrounded by a nimbus of these glowing entities.

Xorn (D, 304): Elementals of the Earth, Xorn are considered a menace by the Dwarves, as they devour metal ores and gemstones deep beneath the earth, sometimes spending centuries gnawing away at the treasures they find.

Elementals of Eolvir

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