The Creatures of Eolvir

Eolvir is a world of diverse and fantastical creatures and monsters. In most cases, the creatures of Eolvir can be split into seven categories; Beasts, Constructs, Elementals, Fiends, Humanoids, Monstrosities, and Undead.


Beasts are the “normal” creatures of Eolvir; they lack any noticeable magical abilities, and are fairly mundane in form and function. Please note, however, that unless otherwise stated, Eolvir does not possess “Earthly” creatures, including Horses and Cattle – the role of Cattle is supplanted by the bovine Tu’Gara, while Horses are not well-represented in setting – the closest would be the flighty Yakul of the Golden Banner.


Constructs are not “creatures” in the normal sense – they are not of natural origin, and many are not even alive in the traditional sense. The vast majority of Constructs are the result of magical meddling, often to make powerful guardians, like Golems, or unquestioning servants, like the Homonculus.


Elementals are arguably the most powerful creatures on Maevir, at least in general – while there are a number of “lesser” elementals that possess little power, it is true that Elementals often represent core concepts of the entire Material Plane, making them almost impossible to truly destroy, and also impossibly powerful. Dragons and Giants are some of the most powerful Elementals known to Eolvir.


Fiends are not natural creatures, and do not originate from Eolvir – they are creatures of the Outer Darkness, which was sealed off from the mortal world by The Sundering. However, many of these creatures had found their way into the material plane before the Sundering took place, and some have even begun to breed successfully. Fiends also include some forms of Sundered Humanoids, like the Duergar Dwarves or Cambion Humans.


Humanoids are, generally, intelligent creatures (though some are just barely capable of sentience), characterized by their human-like body shape. Generally, a creature is considered a Humanoid if it walks upright and is capable of true speech, and not just mimicry. The sentient races fit this category, as do Trolls, Kuo-Toa, and Bullywugs.


Monstrosities are terrifying creatures, somewhere between Beast and Fiend. Though of natural origin, many have supernatural abilities or unnatural strength and cunning, and they often terrorize the dark and wild places of the world. This category includes creatures like Wyverns, Basilisks, and the Behemoths brought to Eolvir by the Invaders from the East.


Undead are similar to fiends, in that they are unnatural creatures, but also bear resemblance to Constructs, in that the vast majority of them are not “Born,” but rather, created through magical means. Vampires, Zombies, and Ghouls are all Undead.

The Creatures of Eolvir

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