The Dark Elves

The Sundered Elves (more commonly known as Dark Elves) are an elven sub-race native to the Sky-City of Kolvir.

Formed during the Sundering, the Dark Elves are the result of a curse directed at the most powerful mage families of the city by the Demon-Prince Kalgaraz himself. Despite looking like normal elves, all Dark Elves are completely insane – even the most functional amongst them often have at least two severe mental disorders, and some are incapable of even caring for themselves.

Physical Characteristics

Dark Elves do not vary much in appearance from their High Elf brethren – their curse affects them mentally, not physically. The most one could say is that Dark Elves are more likely to have an unkempt or dirty appearance than High Elves, owing to a lack of concern caused by their particular mental disorder(s).

Dark Elves are always insane, though the type of insanity they manifest varies between individuals. When you create a Dark Elf character, choose a type of insanity and bring it up with your DM.

Society and Cutlure

Dark Elves are only birthed by other Dark Elves, and can only be found in the city of Kolvir, which was one of the first Sky-Cities to respond to Kalgaraz’s threat a hundred years ago.

Despite what might be expected from the normally cold-hearted elves, Dark Elves in Kolvir are treated with dignity and respect, honored for the great sacrifice they made for their fellow citizens – many Sundered Elves are catered to like royalty, their every insane whim carried out by loyal caretakers.

Dark Elves outside the Sky-Cities are rare – most surface dwellers will go their entire life without even meeting another surfacer who has heard of a Dark Elf sighting, much less seen one themselves.

Dark Elves do not have the same social hang-ups about the other races as their High-Elf brethren – mainly because most are too insane to notice the difference anyway.

Dark Elves generally only use their Given Name or Family Name – some who are especially afflicted forget their names entirely, and go by simple words or even phrases, like “Fade” or “Walks the Trees.”

Game Statistics

If you choose to play a Dark Elf instead of a High Elf, replace “Elven Education” and “High Magic” with “Mad Genius” and “Sundered Magic”, respectively.

Mad Genius: Choose Deception, Insight, or Intimidation. You gain proficiency in that skill. You suffer Disadvantage on all Persuasion rolls, due to your insanity.
Sundered Magic: You know one Cantrip from the Warlock spell list. You can use your choice of Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma to cast this spell.

The Dark Elves

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